Contract Instructor

2022 Winter, Instructor, (hybrid) Cultural Politics and Identities, CDNS 3600, Carleton University (ON)

2021 Fall, Instructor, (virtual), Producing Knowledge, CDNS 3000, Carleton University (ON)

Teaching Assistant

2022 Fall, Teaching Assistant (virtual), Introduction to Indigenous-Settler Encounters INDG 1101, Instructor: William Felepchuk, Carleton University (ON)

Summer 2022, Teaching Assistant (virtual), Europe in the 20th Century HIST 1002A, Instructor: Sean Eedy, Carleton University

2021 Winter, Teaching Assistant (virtual), Contemporary Indigenous Studies INDG 2011, Professor: Julie Tomiak, Carleton University (ON)

2020 Fall, Teaching Assistant (virtual), Indigenous Peoplehood INDG 1010, Instructor: Leora Kristy Gansworth, Carleton University (ON)

2020 Winter, Teaching Assistant, Contemporary Indigenous Studies: Red Power INDG 2011, Instructor: John Carlson, Carleton University (ON)

2019 Fall, Teaching Assistant, Indigenous Ecological Ways of Knowing INDG 2015, Professor: Zoe Todd, Carleton University (ON)