They Made A Day Be A Day Here

A 12 person group exhibition from across the Canadian prairies, featuring: Amalie Atkins, Heather Benning, Jennifer Bowes, Tammi Campbell, Brenda Draney, Wednesday Lupypciw, Sarah Anne Johnson, Maria Madacky, Mary-Anne McTrowe, Divya Mehra, Jennifer Stillwell, and Leesa Streifler.

Co-presented by The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie, The Mendel Art Gallery, and The School of Art Gallery, 2013-2014.

Curated by Amy Fung.

An accompanying catalogue featuring essays by Joan Borsa, Anthea Black & Nicole Burisch, Shawn Dempsey, and Amy Fung.


Byline: Alison Cooley, January 16, 2014, “They Made A Day Be A Day Here: Prairie Positive,” Canadian Art.