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Book Publishing

Fung, Amy. 2019. Before I was a Critic I was a Human Being. Co-published by Artspeak and Book*hug

Edited Collections

Forthcoming Fung, Amy. “How To Review Art As A Feminist.” Track Changes: A Handbook for Art Criticism eds. Mira Dayal and Josephine Heston (Brooklyn: Paper Monument, 2023)

2021, Contributor, “Why are they so afraid of the lotus?” Edited by Kim Nguyen and Jeanne Gerrity. A Series of Open Questions, vol. 2. Co-Published by CCA Wattis Institute and Sternberg Press.

Invited Commissions

2022, Writer, “Don’t Fuck With a Horse Girl,” for Hazel Meyer, Untitled Gallery, Calgary (AB)

2020, Writer, “Everyone wanted to be Chun-Li,” for Sonny Assu and Brendan Tang, The Reach Gallery, Abbotsford (CA)

2020, Writer, “Silent Miles for Wind Bent Grasses” for Eleanor King’s monograph, Kamloops Art Gallery (CA)

2019, Co-Author, “Perpetual Guest” for Jinny Yu’s exhibition, Galerie UQO (CA)

2018, Writer, “In response . . .” for Kandis Williams’ the river of styxx, Cooper Cole Gallery (CA)

2018, Catalogue essay for Salt box Contemporary Arts Festival 2018, Corner Brook (CA)

2017, Writer, “Dear Divya” for Divya Mehra, Georgia Scherman Projects, (CA)

2017, Author, Its Id’s Island, Beyond Her Usual Limis: The Film and Video Work of Deirdre Logue, Co-published by Oakville Galleries and Open Space Arts Society

2016, Interview with Sarah Anne Johnson, GALLERY 44 Exhibition Essay (CA)

2015, Writer, Cara Benedetto, “How To Remain Human” exhibition, CLEVELAND MOCCA (USA)

2014, Catalogue essay for MAWA Mentees 2014-2015, Winnipeg (CA)

2014, Broadsheet for As We Were Saying, Curated by Claire Barliant, EFA Project Space, New York (USA)

2014, Monograph text for Isabelle Pauwels, Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver (CA)

2014, Public Engagement in the Arts, CANADA COUNCIL FOR THE ARTS BLOG, (CA)

2013, Contributor, ART CRITICISMS AND OTHER STORIES. Vol. 2, Edited by Helen Reed, Vancouver (CA)

2013, Monograph text for Divya Mehra, Artspeak and Platform Gallery, Vancouver and Winnipeg (CA)

2013, Contributor, WHAT IS AN ART BOOK, Vol. 3, Eds. Modern Language Experiment, (UK)

2013, Monograph text for Duke and Battersby Monograph, Hallwalls Gallery, Buffalo, Ed. Mike Hoolboom (USA)

2012, Monograph text for Margaret Witschl, Art Gallery of St. Albert, St. Albert (CA)

2012, Monograph text for Jaime Angelopoulos, Stride Gallery, Calgary (CA)

2011, Monograph text for Sarah Fuller, Art Gallery of Alberta (CA)

2011, Monograph text for Lewis & Taggart, ROGALAND KUNSTSENTER, Stavanger, (NO)

2010, Monograph text for Nancy Nisbett, The New Gallery, Calgary, (CA)

2010, Invited Festival Blogger, EDGY WOMEN FESTIVAL, Montreal, (CA)

2010, Commissioned text on Alexis O’Hara’s Squeeeque installation, Em Media, Calgary (CA)

2008, (Invited) Festival Blogger, MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME FESTIVAL, Calgary and Lethbridge (CA)

Art Writings

2022, Opinion, “When Does Representation Stop Mattering?” HYPERALLERGIC. November 18.

2021, Opinion, “Who Bears The Steep Costs of Ethnic Fraud.” HYPERALLERGIC. June 2.

2020, Author, “Who is Inside (Your Pandemic),” SDUK. Blackwood Gallery. Tilting Issue.

2020, Author, “Douglas Watt,” ART FORUM. April Issue.

2020, Reviewer, “Jill Johnston,” CANADIAN ART. Spring Issue.

2019, Interviewer, “From Margin to Centre, and Back Again. Interview with Ken Lum” CANADIAN ART online. Published November 27.

2019, Author, “Toronto Biennial” ART FORUM. Published October 30.

2019, Author, “Amalie Atkins” ART FORUM. September Issue.

2019, Author, “Chris Curreri” CANADIAN ART online, Published May 14

2018, Author “Hollywood, Whiteness, and the Illusion of Normalcy” CANADIAN ART online, Published June 26

2017, Interviewer “The Past, The Present, and The Same” C MAGAZINE, C135

2016, Interviewer, Round table on the state of media art discourse, BLACKFLASH MAGAZINE, Winter Issue 2016

2016, Author, “Gay Liberation, Sex Dungeons, Gossip, and What We Want in Art” CANADIAN ART online, Published September 13

2016, Author, Untitled (I Never Expected This Term to Hold so Much Resonance), NO MORE POTLUCKS, Guest Edited by Michele Pearson Clarke, Published September 1

2016, Author, “Unwriting the Artist Interview: Nadia Belerique in 3 Acts” CANADIAN ART online, Published August 9

2015, Contributor, C Magazine, “Predecessors” issue (CA)

2015, Review on Reimagining Cinema, Eds. Monika Kin Gagnon and Janine Marchessault, PREFIX (CA)

2014, Spring Quarter, Stan Douglas, Kevin Schmidt, and Myfanwy MacLeod, AKIMBLOG (CA)

2014, Interview with Cathy Busby, VISUAL AIDS (USA)

Spring 2014, Interview essay with Aleesa Cohene, Making It Up As We Go Along, BLACKFLASH MAGAZINE, (CA)

2014, Spring Quarter, Kim Sooja, Paul Wong, Antonia Hirsch, Gabriel Mindel-Saloman, and Luke Munn, Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, Caroline Monnett, and Devin Troy Strother, AKIMBLOG (CA)

2013, Winter Quarter, Year End and Reviews for Moyra Davey; Lynne Marsh; Mike Nelson; Samuel Roy-Bois, AKIMBLOG (CA)

2013, Editor and Contributing Author, They Made A Day Be A Day Here catalog, co-published by The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie, The Mendel Art Gallery, and School of Art Gallery (CA)

2013, Fall Quarter, Reviews for Brian Jungen & Duane Linklater; Suzanne Carte & Su-Ying Lee; Khan Lee; Alex da Corte, AKIMBLOG (CA)

2013, Review on Abbas Akhavan, ART PAPERS (US)

2013, Feature on Demmitt Cultural Centre and Peter von Tiesenhausen, ALBERTA VIEWS MAGAZINE

2013, Summer Quarter, Reviews for Madeln Company; Kara Uzelman; Susanna Browne; Cal Lane, AKIMBLOG (CA)

2013, Review, Anna Oppermann: “Filiations,” Andre Pinheiro: “Bomb Book,” Marianne Wex: “Let’s Take Back Our Space,” GALLERIES WEST MAGAZINE (CA)

2013, Spring Quarter, Reviews for Edible Glasses; Ester Shalev-Gerv; Lenore Herb, AKIMBLOG (CA)

2012, Review on Judy Radul, MODERN PAINTERS (US)

2012, Feature, “Communities and Antagonism: Looking for Art in All the Wrong Places,” C MAGAZINE, 115 (CA)

2012, Review on “Cover and Uncover: Eric Cameron,” ALBERTA VIEWS, (CA)

2012, Review, “Remaking of Art History: Indigenous Aesthetics” conference, FUSE MAGAZINE (CA)

2012, Review on Julia Feyrer, ART PAPERS (US)

2012, Review on Divya Mehra, CANADIAN ART (CA)

2012, Interviewer, Conference: Interactive Futures conference on “Animal Influence + Interview with Snæbjörnsdóttir / Wilson, BLACKFLASH MAGAZINE 29.2 (CA)

2011 – Ongoing, Author, POSTpacificPOST.COM, (CA)

2011, Profile on Catherine Crowston, CANADIAN ART (CA)

2011, Guest Contributor, “Objects In Mirror May Be Better Than They Appear: Framework – Scotland” CURATING.INFO (NL)

2011, Review on Ruth Ewan, FRIEZE MAGAZINE (UK)

2011, Review on Scotland’s Art scene, AKIMBLOG (CA)

2011, Author, The HUNTLY REVIEW (UK)

2011, Interviewer, ReFraming Her Nation: An interview with Maria Hupfield, BLACKFLASH MAGAZINE 29.2 (CA)

2011, Profile on Shary Boyle, GALLERIES WEST MAGAZINE (CA)

2011, Review, PopSex! FUSE MAGAZINE (CA)

2011, Review on Eleanor Bond, CANADIAN ART (CA)

2011, Review from the Prairies, AKIMBLOG (CA)

2011, Review, “Close Encounters: The Next 500 Years”, FRIEZE MAGAZINE (UK)

2011, Columnist, “A Strategy of space” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2011, Essayist, “Some Post-Ism Thoughts on Art and Feminism in the 21st Century” MAWA (CA)

2011, Columnist, “Close the gap: Winnipeg Sculpture and Women Symposium” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2011, Review, “Mass Production Made Unique: Brian Jungen” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2011, Columnist, “Southern Differences” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2011, Columnist, “New Year’s Revelations: Resolutions for Edmonton’s Art Scene” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Year end distillations” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Year End, Prairie Prescience, CANADIAN ART (CA)

2010, Review, “Capturing a moment” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Another era ends” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review on Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller’s “The Murder of Crows”, C MAGAZINE, 106 (CA)

2010, Review, “(Sir)render to the (Sir)rogates” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “He rides again: The Black Rider in Camrose” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Art Curators Professional Enough?” Conference, Banff AKIMBLOG (CA)

2010, Review, “No deeper extraction: Edward Burtynsky” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “My City’s Still Breathing” conference, CANADIAN ART (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Winnipeg is more than just breathing” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Mathematical Mind of Kristi Malakoff” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Amnesiac City” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Still Moments: Neil McLelland” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “From Toronto, with love” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Animal House” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Quilting Art into Community: Instant Coffee” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Applied Images” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Awake and Dreaming: Jonathan Kaiser” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Going Out On A High Note” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Peeling Back the Layers” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Same Old Frame” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “For All To See” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Fringes of the Fringe” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Photographic Memory” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Neighbourhood Watch: Double Header at Harcourt House” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Summer visits” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Oil in the Classroom” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Crowds Make A City” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Student Bodies” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Viewing freely” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “That’s art, folks?” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “The Works offer some Introspective Surprises” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “An Open Letter” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Feel the Burn” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Reviews, “Thanks for the Memories: Brenda Draney” CANADIAN ART (CA)

2010, Reports from the Prairies, AKIMBLOG (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Know Your Rights” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Preview, “Raising the bar” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Ready to Explore” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Down in L Town” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Profile, “Peter von Tiesenhausen: An Alberta sculptor fights oil companies to exhibit art on his own land” THIS MAGAZINE, (CA)

2010, Preview, “Spot On” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Feature, “Breaking The Isolation” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Interview, National Portrait Gallery of Canada, FUSE MAGAZINE (CA)

2010, Review “Don’t Call it Retro” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Artifacts of an Empire” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Reviews on Gabriel Coutu-Dumont, CANADIAN ART (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Oil in the Classroom” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Personality Crisis” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Interview with Ron Terada, CANADIAN ART (CA)

2010, Review, “Inaugural Resurfacing” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Looking for the Exceptional” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Cloudy Skies” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Reports from Edmonton, AKIMBLOG (CA)

2010, Review, “It’s All Human/Nature” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Hunter Gathering” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “The Art of Healing” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Festival? What Festival?” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Shanghai” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Where the Highway Ends” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Capturing the moment of truth: Karsh” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Lest ye forget” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Reviews on Donna White, GALLERIES WEST MAGAZINE (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Budget cuts” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Edgar Degas – Figures in Motion” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Cardiff and Miller: Seven Year Itch” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Reviews on Eszter Burghardt, GALLERIES WEST MAGAZINE (CA)

2010, Review, TIMELAND: Alberta Biennial, Curated by Richard Rhodes, BORDER CROSSINGS, Issue 115 (CA)

2010, Review, “Book Design in Canada” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “Winter Light” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Review, “Sketches of Synchronicity: (Un)Related” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2010, Columnist, “New Year’s Revelations” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Review, “Best of: Rules of 3” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Review, “NANABOZHO: THE TAIL OF GIVING: Carving up fables” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Review, “Lee Henderson: Dogmatic Suspicions” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Depth of Print” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Review, “Printed Matters” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Review, “Signs of Desire” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Review, “AND THE PEOPLE BOWED AND PRAYED: A love letter to him/herself” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Clay Ellis: Where the Magic Happens” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Art and The Recession” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Glow Hotel” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Farewell, Anonymous” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Review, “The New Flâneurs” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Elaborate on Collaborate” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Art Criticism” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Infinite Fest” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Quickdraw” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Review from Edmonton, AKIMBLOG (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Our Great City” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Mourning A Visionary” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Review, “Prey / The Secret of the Midnight Shadow” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Hit With A Board” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Deserving of More” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “What’s Wrong With Edmonton?” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Speaking in Tongues” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Looking . . . ” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “All Killer, No Filler” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Moving on from Montreal” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Reviews on Ron Mueck and Berlin-based video artist Guy Ben-Ner; “Here Now or Nowhere” Curated by Micah Lexier; Michael Morris and Attila Richard Lukacs. CANADIAN ART (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Beyond Bearing Witness” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “I Don’t Care” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “The Isolating Aesthetic” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Many Sides to The Story” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Where’s the Here” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Review, “Tar Plane Wayfarer” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2009, Columnist, “Starting the Year Off Right” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Review on “small” FUSE MAGAZINE (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Expose and Express” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Review, “Imagine Science: Imagine That” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Write here, Write Now” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Sprawling community” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Getting M:STy down south” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “A masterful plan” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Review, “Cockfight” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Going Public” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Exploring Edmonton” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “More Matter, Less Art” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Sister Cities” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “A year on the Prairies” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Review, “Visualeyez – And justice For All” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Review, “Visualeyez – And justice For All” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “A different kind of ARC” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Review, “Real” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008 -2009, Reviews on Steve McQueen; Annie Martin; Alberta Media Arts Alliance Conference, SHOTGUN-REVIEW.CA (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Shouldn’t we be taking this seriously?” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Review, “The Works Art & Design Festival – Review 2” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Review, “New Works by Cesar Alvarez, Alison Service and Kelly Johner” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Review, “This Modern Love” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Losing Ctrl over the art of remembering” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Feature, “Re)Searching for the Unheard: Cherie Moses’s Archive of Lesser Heard” CTRL P JOURNAL, (PH)

2008, Review, “Nextfest Visual Arts Exhibits” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “It’s not Us vs Them” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Review, “11404: Processing Within and Beyond Intellectual Property Lines” fify3 MAGAZINE, Vol 8. Issue 4 (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Prairie Artsters is right there in Red Deer ” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Preview, “Art Gallery of Alberta” ALBERTA VIEWS (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Collecting Art on the Block” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Review, “Material Functions” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Inside the bowels of the AFA” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Review, “Bruce Nauman and Bill Viola” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Grand Prairie artsters ” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Prairie Artsters studio visits 2008: Alex Janvier in Banff ” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Should Easton stay or should he go?” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Banff’s hills are alive” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Feature, “Beginning of the End – End of the Beginning” C MAGAZINE, 97 (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Artists need money, too” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “Catfight: Rematch! gets the claws out” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Review, “This LAND is Christensen’s land” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Review, “small is bigger than you’d think” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2008, Columnist, “The artistic walls have fallen down in Berlin” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2007, Review, “These New Alchemists do make gold” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2007, Columnist, “If Jenny K Hughes can make it there … ” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2007, Columnist, “ACDI grants build a city without any streets” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2007, Review “Beth Pederson bids farewell to Edmonton with Annex ” VUE WEEKLY (A)

2007, Columnist, “Life is Fun engaging Berube’s playful, fascinating House ” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2007, Columnist, “Censorship at least deserves a debate” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2007, Review, “Wyczolkowski finds the right Balance” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2007, Columnist, “There I was in uniform” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2007, Feature, “8 Artists on the Verge” GALLERIES WEST (CA)

2007, Review “Cooke’s Offering stays disconnected from the landscapes it tries…” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2007, Columnist, “University’s MFA students enjoy their studio space while they can get it ” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2007, Columnist, “All you have to do is talk about art” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2007, Columnist, “Draw-a-thon” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

207, Review, “Salzl takes a brush to women’s Acts of Devotion” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2007, Feature, “You gotta fight for your right to be arrr-ty” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2007, Columnist, “Art Walk has the ‘walk’ part right” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2007, Rapporteur, Edmonton Cultural Capital of Canada Year, Edmonton Arts Council, CA

2007, Columnist, “Adding ears and eyes to Edmonton’s art community” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2007 – 2012, Author, PRAIRIE ARTSTERS.COM (CA)

2007, Review, “Kerr cranes in the city’s Extensions” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2007, Review, “Through Alberta Eyes: the photographs of Orest Semchisen” fifty3 MAGAZINE, Vol 7. Issue 1 (CA)

2007, Review “How do you compare Apples and Oranges?” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2006, Review, “Visualizing 2006” SEE MAGAZINE (CA)

2006, Review, “Popular Bakery” fifty3 MAGAZINE, Vol 7. Issue 4. (CA)

2006, Review, “Pet Sights: Jenny Keith-Hughes” SEE MAGAZINE (CA)

2006, Reviews, “Emerging through the Portal” SEE MAGAZINE (CA)

2006, Feature, “Stocking to Stockings” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2006, Review, “Caught in the web: Tessa Nunn” SEE MAGAZINE (CA)

2006, Review, “Painting with light” SEE MAGAZINE (CA)

2006, Review, “Paved Paradise” fify3Magazine, Vol 6. Issue 4 (CA)

2006, Review, “Redrawing the human form” SEE MAGAZINE (CA)

2006, Review, “These Girls” SEE MAGAZINE (CA)

2006, Review, “Busing the Dog” SEE MAGAZINE (CA)

2006, Feature, “It’s a Love feast” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2006, Review, “A thousand words: FAB Gallery’s decade of print collecting” SEE MAGAZINE (CA)

2006, Feature, “School Ties” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2006, Feature, “Twisted steel: body jewelry” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2006, Feature, “Now is the Time: Women and the HIV Crisis” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2006, Feature, “Dance Dance Revolution” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2005, Reviews, “Saving Face” SEE MAGAZINE (CA)

2006, Reviews, “Edmonton International Film Festival highlights” SEE MAGAZINE (CA)

2006, Preview, “Antoine Predock’s grand design” SEE MAGAZINE (CA)

2006, Profile, “Inner City: Ted Kerr” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2006, Reviews, “Global Visions Documentary Film Festival highlights” SEE MAGAZINE (CA)

2006, Feature, “Talent to Spare: Artstart” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2006, Reviews, “Scene but not heard: Patricia Reed and Tara Nicholson” SEE MAGAZINE (CA)

2006, Profile, “Urban Writing: Thea Bowering” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2005, Feature, “Over and Underground: The Post-Fine Arts Experience” fify3Magazine, Vol 6. Issue 3 (CA)

2005, Feature, “Art of the Film Festival” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2005, Review, “The Red Strap Market” fify3Magazine, Vol 6. Issue 2 (CA)

2005, Feature, “Know your rights, Know you’re right” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2005, Feature, “Street marketing” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2005, Review, “18th Annual Edmonton International Film Festival” fify3Magazine, Vol 6. Issue 1 (CA)

2005, Profile, “Touching a Raw Nerve” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2005, Feature, “Learning the Ropes: Aerial Art” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2005, Profile, “Addiction to Contradiction: Ashley Andel” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2005, Feature, “The Art is In the Cards: Artist Trading Cards” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2004, Review, “Fahrenheit 9/11” fify3Magazine, Vol 5. Issue 4 (CA)

2004, Feature, “All Hands on deck” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2004, Feature, “Plight of the Professional Poet” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2004, “Keeping PACE with voters” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2004, Feature, “Fear Factor” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’S ed magazine (CA)

2004, “Heresy! – Encino Man” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2004, “Heresy! – The Saddest Music In The World” VUE WEEKLY

2003, “Heresy? – Hamlet” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2003, “Media Jungle – Censors for Hire” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2003, “Media Jungle – “CBC Takes The Road Away From Avonlea,” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2003, “Media Jungle – The Opposite of Sex,” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2003, “Media Jungle – But I Don’t Want to Be A Pirate” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2003, “Media Jungle – Triumph of The Puck” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2003, Review, “Leaving Marx On The Sidewalk: Godzilla vs. Skateboarders” VUE WEEKLY (CA)

2002, “Rant – Mike Bully” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’s ed magazine (CA)

2002, “Rant – Moxie’s sexed up menu” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’s ed magazine (CA)

2002, “Rant – It’s a movie.” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’s ed magazine (CA)

2002, “Rant – Garage Pop” THE EDMONTON JOURNAL’s ed magazine (CA)