January 2021 March 2022 update:

Last year was The world is bananas.

August 2019 update:

It’s been almost three months since my first book came out, and there’s been a lot of generous attention and time by other writers and reviewers. Thank you! Its release was followed immediately by a cross-country tour of readings and workshops, and then I moved to Ottawa, where I’m starting a PhD this Fall at Carleton University. It’s been about a decade since I’ve been out of academia, so I am going to try and slow down the side projects to give myself the time I have been craving to think and write, but I am committed to an exciting new project forthcoming summer 2020 with collaborators Kim Nguyen and Divya Mehra (Asian Brain Trust). Stay tuned for more details!

January 2019 update:

Before I was a Critic I was a Human Being is now available for pre-orders! Click through to order directly from Book*hug Press. Advanced reading copies are also now available if you wish to review the book. Please contact Book*hug directly. Stay tuned here for future reading dates or organize one yourself!

Otherwise, a few of us including Allyson Mitchell, Christina Battle, and Ariel Smith along with CFMDC are organizing a gathering on the one and only Joyce Wieland, slated for the first weekend of April 2019. Stay tuned for details on RE-JOYCE: Wieland in a New Millennium.

March 2018 update:

Because I need a deadline to write, I’ve agreed to a series of public readings of chapters in progress in order to finish this book. I’ve been doing this since last Fall, with readings so far in Calgary at Contemporary Calgary’s symposium on Art Writing, where I also moderated a panel, in Toronto for SAVAC‘s Views from the 4th Series, in Edmonton at dc3 gallery and bookshop with Ted Kerr, at Art Metropole with Divya Mehra, and a couple more before I eventually launch it in Vancouver with Artspeak.

This is a terrible way to promote talks, by only listing them after they’re done, but there you have it. Check Instagram or Twitter about upcoming spontaneous readings, likely later this month on the West coast as I’m in the final stretch of writing and editing.

June 2017 update:

I resigned from my position at Images Festival after three very full years. Related, but unrelated, I am one of the names you may have sneered at on this list and I’m very content to be working on a book-length text due 2019. I will also return to the world of freelance hustling, but with a focus on organizing this time around. Stay tuned for more.

January 2017 update:

I was itching to write again last summer and so wrote several pieces, including this non-interview with Nadia Belerique as well as this story with Hazel Meyer and Cait McKinney, both for Canadian Art. I also gathered some answers for a round table on the lack of media art criticism in Canada for the winter issue of Blackflash Magazine. I was asked by Michele Pearson Clarke to contribute a text on the term “entitled aesthetics” which I offered during the last MANO conference on a panel, so a text is here for No More Potlucks. I also offered the term up recently on a panel in London at the BFI Experimenta Salon during their October film festival. A audio recording of that salon can be found here.

Currently on hiatus from MICE Magazine, Issue 02 was successfully launched on November 12 with a full day symposium on Transformative Justice with speakers Cecily Nicholson, Sandra Brewster, Deanna Bowen, Michelle Latimer, Esery Mondesir, Nasrin Himada, and a keynote by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha held at the Theatre Centre. I remain very thankful for everyone involved in bringing this event together.

Otherwise, the 30th edition of IMAGES is coming up soon, with events starting as early as this month in relation to Isaac Julien: Other Destinies at the ROM, with the concentration of activities running April 20 – 27!

May 2016 update:

MICE Magazine Issue 01 recently launched at Images Festival. Starting up a new publication in 2016 through a non-hierarchical Collective structure is just flat out insane, and yet, a bunch of us did it anyways. Check it out and consider joining our membership.

Having taken a good 5 year break from sitting on non-profit arts boards, I jumped back into the fray of non-stop fiduciary responsibilities for Art Metropole. Support Artist Multiples and Publication Practices by becoming a member today.

With two Images Festival now under my belt, I am exhausted, but very much looking forward to shaping the 30th edition in 2017 after some solid rest. Last year’s goals to increase paid attendance and expand our audiences through more diverse programming were 100% met. If you missed it, the 2016 catalogue is available here.

And in case anyone wondered: I changed Post pacific Post to Post specific Post after my  student placement intern misheard me. It’s a way better title.

July 2015 update:

I have been doing things, and not been able to update this very well. I’m sticking around Toronto to do another edition of the Images Festival. The last one was purty fun and I’m already working on the next one in 2016. Not writing as much as I once did, at least not publicly, and I’m more than happy to pace myself. The task of programming the largest experimental moving image festival in North America is a good amount of work, though now that it’s summer I feel like I need a side project again, even if I am working full-time year round. As it’s likely I won’t get to update this again for sometime, I do manage to blurt out headlines via Twitter and I eek out posts every once in a while still on PostpacificPost, but at this point I probably have more updates about them sandwiches.

September 2014 update:

The last 30 days have been a blur, but I am now in Toronto as the new Artistic Director of Images Festival.

Read a bit about this appointment, or better yet, come check things out next Spring. The 28th edition of Images will run April 9 – 18, 2015 in venues throughout Toronto.


I am keeping the blog.

May 2014 update:

I am back to freelance ____, except I am also going to try and have a summer. Will be on the road or at the beach until further notice.

January 2014 update:

It’s suddenly the middle of January 2014. They Made A Day Be A Day Here has gone up and come down twice since I last updated this space and logistics are being carried out for its third and likely final presentation in Winnipeg this summer/fall. Lots of news and content available on the website including reviews and an astrojam. The catalogue has also come out and can be purchased through ABC Art Books or from any of the presenting galleries.

I’m excited to say that I’ve been organizing, albeit very slowly, another event on the topic of arts writing. This time I have invited some of my very favorite writers to Vancouver to read and speak on the topic including: Maria Fusco, Eileen Myles, Lynne Tillman, and Jacob Wren. The event will be held on April 4 & 5 at The Western Front and is being co-presented by Artspeak, The Western Front, and 221A with myself as principle organizer. More details soon here, but for now I am calling it, There are reasons for looking and feeling and thinking about things are that invisible: A two day event on New Narratives in Arts Writing after a sentence by Myles on a text on Martha Diamond.

May 2013 update:

They Made A Day Be A Day Here is mere weeks away after two delays and three years of hand wringing. Oh god. If you don’t make it to Grande Prairie, the website will be updated as each show opens and things happen. For example, we are going to be opening in GP with Suzy Lake and having an epic cross generational feminist panel talk on June 8. The talk will hopefully be recorded.

Not entirely unrelated, I am contributing to the upcoming LIDS book to be launched in Toronto and then everywhere. I also have texts coming out for Platform Gallery/Artspeak and Catriona Jeffries Gallery currently undergoing editing and I think I’m in current or upcoming issues of Galleries West and Art Papers. My feature on The Demmitt Cultural Centre also appeared in the April issue of Alberta Views.

Since the last update, I’ve joined some esteemed colleagues in becoming a Contributing Editor for FUSE Magazine, a platform I’ve been writing for since 2008. I’ve also returned to Akimblog as their Vancouver correspondent.

TippingPoint Canada is on an indefinite hold, but congratulations to our Science Advisor, Andrew Weaver, for becoming the first elected member of the Green Party in British Columbia!

Otherwise, still working as Programs Manager at Cineworks and writing my little heart out on Post PACIFIC

December 2012 update:

As requested by the gallery, They Made A Day Be A Day Here has been pushed back to June 2013. I am getting more antacids. Meanwhile, a website is in the works. Stay tuned!

You Are Not Alone, the series of writing workshops out of 221a has been producing short field notes after each session. Check them out under Archives.

Cineworks has just had a really busy fall season (about 20 public events since September). As a result, I’m not writing as much, but I think I will have some backlogged texts coming out (if they are not out already) for Margaret Witschl and Duke & Battersby. Working on some longer pieces for the new year. If Jesus exists, maybe he’ll let me finish them over his birthday.

And time flies, but it’s coming up on a year since I relocated to Vancouver. Let’s see what another year will bring. So far, the year end (well, Dec 9) tally for POSTpacificPOST totals up to 124 posts in its first year. As for reader stats, recent keywords include “rio dancers” and “the shining symmetry” and it turns out I have more readers in Brooklyn than I do in Toronto, and just as many readers in Berlin as in Surrey. At the moment, I have no plans to visit either place again.

July 2012 update:

Back in Vancouver after several trips through the prairies, getting ready for They Made A Day Be A Day Here, which will premiere at The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie on January 18, 2013. The line-up of artists include: Amalie Atkins, Heather Benning, Jennifer Bowes, Tammi Campbell, Brenda Draney, Wednesday Lupypciw, Sarah Anne Johnson, Maria Madacky, Mary-Anne McTrowe, Divya Mehra, Jennifer Stillwell, and Leesa Streifler.

Since May, I’ve been working at Cineworks as their Programs Manager and Curator. You can stay on top of most developments here and here and here.

This month, I’ll be hosting VIVO’s No Reading After The Internet with Sarah Schulman’s The Gentrification of the Mind, chapter 2. I will also be hosting an event for Sarah on November 3 in the form of a public lecture/reading/screening and Cineworks will be screening the film she co-produced, United in Anger, as part of World AIDS Day (through Visual AIDS) on December 1 at Denman Cinema.

I’ve also just started my curatorial residency with 221a with a year long series of monthly writing and reading workshops called You Are Not Alone, For I Am Here With You. All events are free. Look here for more information and to register as a participant.

Recent writings can be found in the May/June issue of Art Papers, online at Decoy Magazine, and upcoming issues of C Magazine, FUSE, and Modern Painters. is also still going on.

March 2012 update:

Recently I did a puzzle at The Western Front in Vancouver as part of Instant Coffee‘s 12 year retrospective. More info on that here.

By proxy, I co-organized a writing workshop in Kampala for the brand new Uganda Arts Trust in March. I will also be holding arts writing/reading workshops in Vancouver through 221A at some point this next year.

In April I will be in Winnipeg for MAWA‘s “What Is Art?” Throw down with fellow panelists Alison Gillmore, Cathy Mattes, and moderator Sarah Anne Johnson. Free on April 28, 2 – 4 p.m.

In July I will be guest hosting a salon for No Reading After The Internet out of VIVO Media Arts in Vancouver. Check closer to the date for information including a link to the article, but the text selection will be from Sarah Schulman’s The Gentrification of the Mind (University of California Press, 2012)

Been writing up a storm on Other places you may currently find my writing include an online monograph at Stride Gallery, reviews and features in Spring 2012 issues of Canadian Art, FUSE, and BlackFlash.

January 2012 update:

I have relocated my base to Vancouver as of December 2011. Here is what I’ve been thinking about these days.

In November I guest curated an interdisciplinary performance salon called The Wired Body as the premiere salon for Edmonton’s Mile Zero Dance’s 2011/12 season. Performances/Screenings/Gestures were by the likes of: Amalie Atkins, Cris Derksen, Freya Bjorg Olafson, Jeannie and Jodie Vandekerkhove, Ghibli, Teen Jesus Barbie, Gerry Morita, and Adrian LaChance. MC’ed by The Cedar Tavern Singers (aka The Phonorealistes) Stage Design by Daniela Masellis and Amy Kucharuk  Look here for more information and social networking opportunities.

For the better half of 2011, I was the inaugural arts writer in residence (aka Visiting Arts Writer and Curator Fellow) at Deveron Arts, a socially engaged arts organization in bonnie North East Scotland where “the town is the venue.”  This is what I’ve been up to. I have also reiterated a question into an international symposium.  More on that here.

I have signed on as Associate Producer for TippingPoint Canada, which will be the Canadian premiere of an international series of open space conferences designed to energize the creative response to climate change. TippingPoint began in the UK in 2005 and has spread across the globe fro Oslo to Capetown to Melbourne, and soon to a yet to be disclosed location in Canada in 2012. Our website by Jellyfish Designs is here.

I have been and will continue to be doing studio visits for They Made A Day Be A Day Here, an exhibition of contemporary work from artists based in the Canadian prairies.  Expect a premiere in 2013.

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